Civilized Governments Confiscate Wealth

You think it can’t happen here in the Good ‘Ole USA? We are a steeper trajectory than Greece and the only thing staving the disaster is we are still the World’s Petrodollar. Once Iran decides to go away from $US for oil, we’re doomed. Then we won’t need to worry about paying for all this CRAP the government is stuffing down our throats……


Save yourself now. I’ve been onto this for some time now and I will say it again here. There is time – buy gold and take physical delivery, same for silver. Store up large quantities of gasoline (30-60 gallons for generators), food (pastas, rice, spices) and water. We will face an enormous collapse when it happens and you will need to survive for at least 30 days with nothing.


Oh yeah, don’t forget your bullets. There will be looting, even in these idyllic ‘bubble’ towns. For reference, I have 90 gallons of water, 60 gallons of gasoline plus generator, a quad, food for 6 for 30 days and about 2500 rounds of ammo. I hope it’s enough…..


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