TSA = A Total Disgrace

Orwell would be proud!

The depths to which we have given up our freedoms is astonishing. We still take our shoes off at the airport because some nut tried to ignite a small amount of explosives (and failed by the way) over a decade ago! Am I cynical? Yup. Want to know why? Here’s why:

  1. The Government rules rather that represents
  2. Unelected unaccountable bureaucrats are writing regulations that seriously affect my freedom
  3. I must live within a budget while the Feds spend money I have yet to send them through confiscatory tax policy
  4. We borrow money from China and send it to Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya, etc.
  5. We PRINT money and send it to the above countries

I could go on and on….But there is hope. I am preparing a “Survival Plan’ of sorts and will share it here in the near future.


About jyduffy

Protecting Rights for all Americans.
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