Cops can’t get bullets…..

Sometimes, no comments are necessary…..

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“I’m guilty” – “No, you’re not”

In possibly the biggest act of Governmental Lunacy this week…… Radical Islamo-Terrorist and Ft Hood MURDERER is prepared to plead guilty to 13 counts of premeditated murder, death penalty offenses, and the judge says “you can’t”

You just can’t make this up!

Essentially he s saying “…I did it, I am proud of it, my religion wants you dead, I will rest with Allah for this…” And we’re telling him he needs a lawyer to try to reduce his sentence and possibly get him a gig on MSNBC.

Pardon my French but what a fucking joke!

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Red and Blue Sheep smoke-um peace pipe

What a shock!

100 otherwise unemployable idiots find a way to agree on a terrible idea….


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The Boy who would be King

I gets worse everyday. I will remind you all we send these people to DC to represent our interests and THEY ALL GO OFF ON TANGENTS. They forget who they were…lawyers, insurance salesmen, real estate agents, old-money-snot-nosed-brats….they land in Washington and all of a sudden they are Renaissance Men…self proclaimed experts on subjects about which they no NOTHING.

Sad and pathetic…Take care of #1

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A Congressman to be PROUD of

Every once in a while, someone from DC has the courage to stand up to the Machine. Of course, he’ll be demonized but I love this guy!

Seriously, what are all those rounds for? Hollow points? Aren’t they illegal for military purposes?

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TSA = A Total Disgrace

Orwell would be proud!

The depths to which we have given up our freedoms is astonishing. We still take our shoes off at the airport because some nut tried to ignite a small amount of explosives (and failed by the way) over a decade ago! Am I cynical? Yup. Want to know why? Here’s why:

  1. The Government rules rather that represents
  2. Unelected unaccountable bureaucrats are writing regulations that seriously affect my freedom
  3. I must live within a budget while the Feds spend money I have yet to send them through confiscatory tax policy
  4. We borrow money from China and send it to Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya, etc.
  5. We PRINT money and send it to the above countries

I could go on and on….But there is hope. I am preparing a “Survival Plan’ of sorts and will share it here in the near future.

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The current hysterical gun control debate summed up in 2:13

Can’t be said much better than this…..

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