The US is killing all the Mexican Drug Dealers?

Some would say this is good but take a closer look. The Fund-Raiser in Chief, in a nearly traitor-like comment is BLAMING our Constitution for violence in Mexico.

It’s reprehensible

Possibly the most VULGAR thing ever spoken by a POTUS

Of course, he’s campaigning for a third term to his future constituents….

Fucking disgusting if you ask me!

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Some people call a pregnant 15 year old ‘Statutory Rape’

No surprise with this. Condoning intercourse between teenagers is the new American Way.

The moral decay is the the ‘Hope’ in his message…

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The pawn does the Bidding of the King

I say FUCK G.E. and NEVER buy another item from them again. These Corporate asswipes pay no corporate income tax, ship job after job overseas and suck the corn straight out of the shit of the White House. What a JOKE. An absolute friggin joke.

Immelt and Nobama are a match made in heaven…..God bless the rest of us!

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Who’s responsible for more DEATHS every Year?

The NRA or Planned Parenthood?


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Note to Islamo-Terrorists…..

When carjacking to get away, look for a car with a COEXIST sticker…they are surely NOT armed!

And for fun…here’s a pic of ‘big brother’ after being run over….



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The new name for Islamo-Fascist

Chechnyan Rebel…..

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Now what do we say about their Nationality?

You KNOW if these two guys were middle aged white men with camo ball caps THEIR FACES AND HOME ADDRESSES WOULD ALREADY BE ON MSNBC!

The Administration is pissing themselves right now. They need to release these photos of two Arabs because they can’t identify them on their own – another fucking disgrace. But I digress. We spend $60B a year on DHS and these two guys are unidentifiable? Really?

I wonder if these two guys have those ridiculous “COEXIST” bumper stickers you see next to the Obama/Biden bumper stickers on every shitty little Prius you see in the right lane.

Can you tell I’m a little angry?

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